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your home for computer repair in the PNW

You can count on us for all of your computer needs. From hardware configuration to software upgrades, we’re here 24/7 with the best service in the PNW!

We offer a complete range of services from basic support and maintenance jobs like fixing screen problems or installing new operating systems; advanced repairs such as motherboard replacements when things have gone wrong beyond repair (although these happen much less frequently than they used too); plus education about what is happening under-the hood so you know better how keep up should anything ever go awry again soon enough – guaranteed within 30 days. Your trusted professionals for all things I.T., we do computer repair in the PNW  from screen repairs on laptops to motherboard replacements on desktops! We can also install and upgrade iOS software for Mac computers as well as handle upgrades of existing Windows 7/8 systems – no matter what make or model you have, our team has experience with them so they’ll be good-to go quickly at a price that won’t break your budget either. For all your IT needs, call the pros at Compute Reboot. Whether you need a new desktop or laptop installed and running smoothly as soon as possible we can help! We offer services for both home users who are looking to upgrade their software on an old machine; businesses in search of more efficient hardware configurations – it’s not just about fixing broken equipment anymore: nowadays many people rely heavily upon laptops when they work from coffeehouses around town (or even remote locations). If there is anything else involving technology related.

HDD, SSD and M.2 drive data recovery services available! We are one stop shop for all things I-T with HDD/SSD (Hard Disk Drive) repairs or install; removable media Such As CD roms And DVD Roles Along With External Hard Drives — We also offer complete back up solutions that will keep your files safe even if something happens to them while traveling lightening fast speeds on the road Backing up is always a good idea, but it’s not enough to just have copies of your data. If something happens and you need help restoring files from an old hard drive or installing new hardware on the desktop computer in order restore functionality then our team will be there for total solution with fast turnaround time! Backing Up Your Computer Can Be Risky Business – We Do The Rest. We know the importance of backing up your computer and we have a staff that is trained to help with any problems you may be experiencing. We offer complete data recovery services for all storage media including hard drives, RAID’s (Redundant Array Of Built Devices), removable device installers such as M.2 SSD’s or even an external HDDs if needed! You can trust our team because they’re experts in their field who will make sure everything runs smoothly from start-to finish so come see us today before it gets worse. 

We scan your machine for any viruses, spyware or malware. If we do find that you’ve been hacked our experts can remove the virus to ensure safety on maintance of current settings with solutions tailored just for me! If we do find an infection on board (and there’s no doubt about it), then rest assured: You’ll soon be able get back up regaining control over what was lost thanks our innovative solutions which will help maintinize things at peak efficiency!

If you are in need of computer repair in the PNW reach out to us today. Call 206-581-9299 now. We cover the entire Seattle metroplex!