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We care for your computer in Shoreline, WA. We know that you don’t want your laptop to look like a cracked screen. We’ve gotten you covered with our laptop repair services. We fix computer screens, motherboards, and all sorts of other stuff. You can trust us with your computer if you’re in Shoreline. We come to you

We’re the best in the business, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With our professional I.T. services, you can rest assured that your computer is in good hands from start to finish. We have over 10 years of experience servicing all your technology needs, and we have a wide range of services to suit everyone’s budget, from the most basic repairs to the most advanced upgrades. If you’re looking for a skilled team who

Your computer’s health is important to us because it’s important to you. We’ll give your PC the TLC it needs, whether that’s basic troubleshooting, in-depth diagnostics, replacement of failed parts, upgrades, or a complete PC rebuild. We offer pick-up and delivery service for your convenience and we’re happy to discuss payment plans with you.

Get your computer repaired  and running like new, without having to spend a fortune. With our all-inclusive service packages, you can save on computer repair services with just one call. Our technicians will diagnose the problem then work to find a solution so you can be back up and running in no time.